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Are you Ready to Embody  your Divinity!?

Are you burnt out on the "doing of life", and want more joy, peace and fulfillment, within yourself every day, and in your relationships?

Are you tired to be the giver in your relationships, and want to improve mutual reciprocation, understanding and communication?
Are you ready to step into a deeper degree of self-worth and have your outer reality reflect that?

Are you Ready to say Yes to your Divinity!?

you will:

*Learn to Receive

-do the core healing of co-dependency, hyper-independency, mother & father wounds,

so you can fully receive the blessings of prosperity, relationships and life that you want.

*Quiet the noise

-getting out of your head and step into your self-worth and self-confidence in sovereign goddess energy, -focusing on your truth, values and peace within. Embrace your feminine!


*Astrology charts in relationships

-learn to read and understand different needs, love language, communication style, in your, and your loved ones, charts. Bring your own charts for group readings.


*The soul purpose of relationships

-generate and understand relationship charts, -the soul purpose of the relationship itself. Each participant have a choice of bringing your own relationship chart (love, friendship, children, parents etc), to get a reading in the group.

Only 6 spots available, due to the personal nature and personal astrology readings

This can be you:
We all hear "learning to receive" and "know your worth", -it's what comes with embracing your feminine. And this is what it means to


*You trust your intuition and take action from it, which puts you in a feeling of flow with magic synchronicities, instead of pushing upstreams.​​

*You feel FREE in being unapologetically who you are, without filter in ALL areas of life.

*You don't exhaust yourself but instead live with more ease, stillness and simplicity, and know to fill your cup first without getting stressed by life's or other people's pressure.  

*You have clear and vulnerable communications that reflects your values, -and as a result your relationships change (drop off, adjust, attract) to reflect the same respect, love and clarity back.


*You receive  with pleasure and worth when you are presented with opportunities, money, love, compliments, gifts, time etc.

*You feel comfortable, happy and beautiful in your body.

*You have a deep peace of love, harmony, trust, joy within, -HOME in yourself!

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THE SOLUTION to get there is:

Doing the journey of healing your mother and father wounds


balances your inner feminine and masculine (most often to dare to be more in your feminine) to work in unity to fill your cup and align with success in relationships, parenthood, work, prosperity and health!

Practicing TRUST in yourself and in the Universe by living from your intuition.


Learning your astrology relationship chart and how it works with others,

so you can

have a clearer understanding and communication in your relationships, -everyone's needs when faced with contraction, and in love.

Will you walk with me into your Divinity?!

“If you are seeking a compassionate guide to support your spiritual journey, Kristina is your answer. I love the fact that she offers numerous modalities to facilitate the healing process. Weather it’s working through karmic ties and ancestral blocks, going deep within to enhance relationships (with yourself and others), or clarifying and amplifying your purpose, Kristina’s wisdom, grace, and intuitive approach offers a unique and targeted lens that facilitates divine transformation. She is an incredible gift to this world, and I am so grateful that our paths crossed!” ~Cathleen

"Kristina, you've taught me a ton about life

- not just be telling me but by showing me. You've taught me to start trusting again; and then to trust more. And then to trust the void, the unknown. You've taught me grace and gratitude.

You've given me hope. You've helped me to find my passion and place in the world and you make me feel seen. You are the most incredible human I've ever met." ~J

"Kristina allowed me to bring residual trauma patterns to light, to heal those wounded parts in order to fully unite the masculine & feminine within. It has completely changed how I regard and behave in my relationships!" ~Courtney 

Working with Kristina has been nothing short of amazing. She's helped me gain clarity on what's important to me. I'm so often stuck in my head that I am out of touch with my intuition. She has helped me to tune into what is coming from the heart rather than what's coming from my head to dissuade myself from what I really want. She's really helped me to go through with what is absolutely going to be the best for me in several life decisions: being able to communicate more openly and not being so closed off, my happiness/freedom, and my business. In each of those life-altering decisions, she helped guide me to the best decision for me by helping me stay true to my wants, goals, and needs rather than always thinking about everyone else first before myself. It has been a lovely journey thus far and I look forward to continuing to work with her in the future." ~Jen 

"Kristina has become an Angel in my life, bringing it all back home for me. Her deep work with me caused me to instantly remember all I had forgotten. To remember the realms, my full worth and my part in the entire wholeness of it all. I had endured years of suffering from not owning my personal boundaries physically as well as ethereal.  Kristina went the speed I was ready for and I’ll always keep a place of gratitude inside my heart for what she has helped me overcome." ~Amanda

"Kristina’s session took my breath away. I was crying within the first five minutes, not only because of her gentle, steady, safe presence, but because her words touched parts of my heart that so needed to be seen, held, and understood.

She offered me healing beyond my expectations, providing guidance by affirming truths that my soul had been hesitating to believe. In an extremely tumultuous and uncertain time of my life, her words have gifted me the permission, strength, and faith I didn’t know I needed and didn’t know was possible." ~Savanna 

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Dare to be Divine!

 Embody  your true Divinity.

Join us in

Learn to receive.

Relationship astrology, inner feminine & masculine, self-worth.

We start Sunday July 13th  10am PST

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Hi lovelies, I'm Kristina.
I am here to guide you deep into your own true essence and true potential, -your Divinity!
I bring:
My experience of re-inventing myself after losing my family, moving across 3 continents, marriage, divorce and motherhood, and through all of this healing myself of generational wounding, mother & father wound, into my new soul tribe and embodying my soul purpose (north node conjunct Venus).

My education with a BA in health education, trauma healing, numerous psychic courses, energy healing, chakra alignment, meditation retreats and courses, astrology studies, business courses, and 4 years of full-time coaching.

My tools that range from inner child healing, akashic records, astrology, gene keys, chakra healing, mediumship, automatic writing, chinese medicine, vipassana meditation, sacred medicine journeys and more.
I am honored to guide you on your journey within and home!

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Only 6 spots available, due to the personal nature and personal astrology readings!

Saturdays 10-11.30am PST
July 13th, 20th, 27th, Aug 3rd

on zoom
(dm me for in-person in Reno)

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