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A 5-week course to deepen your intuition and flow with your magic within.

the depths of
your intuitive

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Are you ready to embrace ALL of the magic that you are?!
This course is for you who want to connect deeply to your Divinity, and use your intuition as a tool for guidance, healing and exponential growth and make it your way of life!


"It was curiosity that led me to sign up for intuitive wisdom. I had had a few healers tell me I was intuitive. When the opportunity came up to do intuitive wisdom, I curiously jumped on it. I have to say it was a phenomenal experience. As always, Kristina made it accessible, It went from feeling like this very esoteric thing to something tangible and relatable. Now, thanks to Kristina, I’m well versed in my intuitive language. If you’re on the fence, jump in! You’ll be glad you did." -Cynthia


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In this course, we will go deeper into knowing your intuitive language and working through some common blocks in the connection and trusting in your intuition and Divinity within. There will be prompts for deeper shadow work too, -because healing is a way of transformational life!


You will practice and learn oracle card readings, chakra reading, and mediumship reading (communicating with loved ones on the other side) and Akashic records.

This is the course to re-awakening your inner wisdom.

We are all intuitive, and we can all learn to get into the flow of both listening, trusting, and acting on our intuition. It’s our quiet super-power, our direct line to the Universe, the voice that guides us through healing and into our true power of creating our life with passion, fulfillment, magic!


"Through the Intuitive Wisdom course, Kristina led us all with love and ease, so that we could find new realms and deeper places within ourselves. In a loving group and a safe space we tried different ways to connect with ourselves, each other and the universe. Intuitive Wisdom is for everyone who is curious and open to the experience.

I loved it! " -Jenny

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Whether you feel like a beginner or if you have practiced for a while, this course is for you to start or deepen your intuitive flow from where you are right now. All you'll need are any cards that you feel intuitively pulled to.


3rd round start pending

Investment: $639

Join with payment plan: 3 x $222



Add on two 1:1 sessions!

TOTAL Investment:

Course + two 1:1 sessions

"I have worked with Kristina in a variety of settings: I started by watching her live card pulls and then gradually joined, then I attended a few workshops, and most recently, I did the intuitive wisdom course and am now working with her 1:1 to step into my own power and own the space I long to fill in my own life as well as in those around me.

Kristina always comes prepared and I feel like I’ve always gotten more than I anticipated from each session or setting.

I am so grateful for the opportunities I’ve been given to work with Kristina in such a vast amount of settings and skill sets and I highly recommend her services to anyone considering them!" -Burgandy

"Kristina's Intuitive Wisdom course shattered blocks and hang ups about tapping into gifts I thought I would never access. Amazing!" -Nadene

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