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Quantum leap your life to the next level!

Do you want to feel fully ignited in your magic, trust in yourself, self-confidence and your manifestation energy?

Are you ready to THRIVE?

Success is a decision

This is for you who:
Want to operate from clarity and
focus; -making decisions towards creating your dream, with ease!

Want to be unapologetically yourself, and be confident in your gifts and how you show up for yourself and in this world! 

Want to THRIVE; -in joy, love, abundance and magic!
Want to live a balanced life between rest, play, receiving, and aligned action with ease!

Are you ready to Quantum Leap,

and start the new year aligned, to leap into your dreams and


This is your next level self!

Join us in

Ignite Your MagiC!


There's another future self out there, awaiting us,

that we have yet to become."

~Joe Dispenza


This is the course where you:

Change your thoughts & energy; -change your life!

Firm your boundaries and get back into the magic of now;

-less noise, more self-love.

Get focused so you can manifest what you want;

-maintain a self-empowering energy, and watch yourself SOAR.

Clear your vessel from subconscious patterning that overworks you;

-learn to rest & receive, and take action with ease.

When you fall in love with life in the now, -life falls in love with you.

Ignite Your MagiC!

Reach your dreams in 2024 with aligned magic!



Kristina has taught me how to bypass my thinking, critical mind and go directly to my heart and soul and live from there. Her classes are all so powerful and have literally transported me to different realms. I have unlocked my true power with Kristina and have fearlessly searched within myself to heal and become a powerful spiritual being. I am so excited for my life because I know it is pure magic. -Courtney

I am so very pleased and profoundly moved by my session with Kristina today. I feel as though I have discovered a connectedness that I had all along, but really didn’t fully comprehend or appreciate.

Since I started working with Kristina, I have found an inner peace that I have never experienced before. I no longer have the same feeling of being chased by stress. A new energy has filled my body and I feel that I have grown as a person.  During my journey, I have really trusted Kristina's ability to hold space for me and to clear what has been toxic. I feel that Kristina has a unique ability to provide tools for an inner journey, and highly recommend her courses.


I am still the same person that I was before I started to work with Kristina, but I am now thinking and behaving in ways that are much more beneficial for myself.  Kristina has helped me lift the strong intuition I already had, and opened up a whole new world where I feel held, guided and loved.

Working with Kristina will change your life. Period. I have never had so much growth in such a short period of time:   Learning to live from my heart instead of my head.  She helped me to start listening to my own intuition, -my own truth.

Then gave me the tools, unconditional love, support and space to develop and trust it. 


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ignite your magic
The course details


These are 1 hour sessions with teachings and meditations.

The Q&A session is your opportunity for personal share and coaching. 

Replays available for all Lives.

* Focus Workshop

Unstoppable mindset and self love practices.

* Manifestation Workshop

The manifestation energy that will align you to attract your dreams into reality, with confidence.

*Align your Feminine & Masculine

Open your alignment to receiving, make your action aligned will less effort.

*Q & A and hot seat coaching

Wed Jan 3rd 5pm PST

Wed Jan 17th 5pm PST

Wed Jan 31st 5pm PST

Wed Feb 7th 5pm PST

Extra: New Moon Ritual Jan 11th 10am PST


* Your Personal Gene Key Reading

PDF with an overview of the energies and consciousness state in Alchemizing your life lesson, Your Purpose, How to attract elevated Relationships, Your full potential energy of Abundance and Prosperity. 


 First 2 access at sign up, second 2 access in January.

* Introduction to Ignite your Magic

Including meditation to still your mind

* Shadow Work of the Mind

Workshop to understand, and heal, subconscious emotional and mental triggers.

(Recorded from the Soul Consciousness Course)

* Manifestation Energy
Workshop to understand the energy of manifestation.

(Recorded from the Soul Consciousness Course)

* Meditation to manifest


(Optional add-on, for you who want it all!)

* One 1hr 1:1 Session with Kristina

* CHI Sun from the CHI Institute.

Product from the CHI Institute, with light and sound waves to help you get out of your head, for increased focus, creativity and tranquility. Excellent to add to your meditation practice.

More info at

Chi Sun ships free within the lower 48, US.


If you want to do these Live sessions in person in Reno, NV,

email me to let me know.

I will run it parallel to online, and you'd have access to the online replays

The dates are Thursdays ev
enings at 7pm, Jan 4th, Jan 18th, Feb 1st, Feb 8th.


"We don't heal by healing. We heal by becoming more enlightened.
Breakthroughs occur at a new understanding and level of consciousness."
~Phillip Andrew, The Abundance Alchemist


Full Course

(First Live starting Jan 3rd)

Course & VIP
(for you who want it all!)


Testimonials Soul Consciousness Course:

My life has not only changed infinity as a result of working with Kristina, but has moved at warp speed : So, when the opportunity to be a part of her Soul Consciousness workshop presented itself, I jumped at the opportunity!

This woman is MAGIC in human form. Her love, dedication, knowledge, understanding, healing, and ability to push you deep to the core wounds/shadow to heal is unmatched.

Then, with the Soul Consciousness workshop, she goes even deeper!!! Her guidance, tips, practical action, meditations, and more, facilitates your ability to release whatever pesky limiting beliefs the subconscious mind is still clinging to so you can integrate your new story and allow all your wildest dreams to become reality. I am still flying high from the final meditation and the expansiveness of this new story I'm stepping into. If you want to live a soul lead life beyond your wildest comprehension, run, don't walk, -you will not be disappointed!

This weekend I attended one of the best of Kristina's workshops to date; Soul Consciousness Course.  Friday night began with an amazing meditation that had me in tears. It was so beautiful!  Saturday's class continued with so much knowledge that left me reeling with' Yes yes yes that's what I need to do'!!  Then Sunday's meditation was a game changer!  The meditation showed me what I wanted, and before I had no idea that this is what I wanted, and yet every part of it resonated ...every cell in my body reacted, knowing ..a deep knowing that this was SO right.  The energy was so intense as we sat there, my hands started to do Qi gong & I was literally in two different worlds simultaneously.

It was so magical. 
All that said;
Kristina has changed my life by quantum leaps and bounds and if you dare to step within her Magic I have no doubt she will do the same for you!!



When you have purchased the course,

sign up and log-in here, for your course access.

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