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enhance your human experience

A collaboration with the CHI Institute


I have found that the CHI products are incredible transformational tools to use to deepen your spiritual practice and lifestyle, into living in a alignment; -a soul-led life.
In my experience they assist in:
Creating space: both mentally and energetically

Grounding: deeply relaxing and stress-relieving

Holding energetic boundaries through cleansing

Healing blockages from trauma, wounding and limiting beliefs.
Assisting in creating states of Higher Consciousness

Through the CHI Institute long observation they can also help greatly with physical pain.

They simply help with your alignment to yourself, your truth, your intuition and your soul purpose.

For a deep dive explanation of the products, see the free workshop video below.


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Kristina brings intuitive understanding of how to use CHI Tools to go deeper in your spiritual practice.

Richard brings a scientific understanding of the nature of consciousness and the Human Experience.

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Richard Lee - CHI Institute
Founder, Inventor, researcher

Upcoming workshops

Join us live online December 18th!

Sign up here:


With Richard and Kristina
Deep Dive into the CHI products! Learn what is behind the products, and the scientific and intuitive energetic effects they have.
(Time stamps in the video takes you to the different products.)

1:1 sessions
in person 1:1 sessions
Now offering 1:1 CHI sessions!

At The CHI Institute at 1160 Selmi Drive, #401

These 1 hr 1:1 sessions are for you who want to:

*Reach a Higher Consciousness and enhance your life experience.

*Create clarity in your mind, energy, path and purpose.

*Enhance motivation and drive.

*Release and heal blockages and limitations in your energy, body and mind.

Kristina will use CHI Tools, energy work, cards, intuition and coaching during these sessions, to give you a transformational experience!

Extra SPECIAL pricing through December 2023!

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