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Embracing your higher purpose

May your heart burst open in unconditional Love

May your mind be illuminated by infinite Peace

May your body be flooded by the light of your Essence.

May all whom you touch in this life

Through your thoughts, your words and your deeds

Be transformed by the Radiance of your Presence.

-Richard Rudd


You are the creator of your evolution and life.



Your own unique Gene Key Hologenetic Chart will lead you on a journey to unlock your own wisdom and power, -through unblocking what stands in the way to live in full health, prosperity, thriving relationships and fulfillment in your life.

You will be shown your unique transformational path of how to turn your limitations, pit falls, and challenges, into gifts, freedom, success, and your road map to thriving!

Gene Keys changes your life in magical and amazing ways, through profound understanding, consciousness and energy shifts within yourself, regarding your gifts, purpose, prosperity and relationships.

On my Gene Key journey, I have come to know, that anyone who dives deeply into Gene Keys, will go through huge transformations! 

I invite you to join me in this journey!




 "Kristina's Gene Key membership stands out. This unique and enlightening program does more than just educate about gene keys and their relevance to us as individuals. It fosters profound connections among participants, creating a special bond that enhances our learning experience. 

Her guidance is a gift to anyone seeking personal growth and a deeper understanding of themselves and the world around them. 

She she has blessed my life in so many ways."


"Being a part of the gene key study group was life changing, just like everything else I’ve done with Kristina. It IS next level. The powerful energy and connection of the group was so profound and studying and embodying the gene keys has become a way of life! They are deep & life changing. Kristina, thank you for being a conduit and guide of the gene keys."


"Adding Gene Keys study to the Mentorship sessions has given them extra dimensions and a new excitement to delve even deeper into myself. With Kristina, everything is possible!”

What is gene keys?

For an introduction on how to read your own chart, watch my introduction video here,

(highly recommended):

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Get your free Hologenetic chart at

You can currently work with me and your own personal chart in these ways:

Session special through Feb 1st!

1:1 sessins
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1:1 Gene Key sessions

Your own unique Gene Key Hologenetic Chart will lead you on a journey to unlock your own wisdom and power, -clearing your body and mind from what stands in the way, and guide you  to live in full health, prosperity, thriving relationships and fulfillment in your life!

In our sessions we work with 1 of your personal Gene Key spheres per session. You get information around what that position mean for you via email, so that you can start your contemplation journey, and in the session we do the energy work for how that key is being activated in your life right now, and how to transform it into a higher frequency, both now and in the future.


Your 1:1 options


1 session Gene Key activation

Your starting point if you want to start your Gene Key journey, or re-ignite it. We will start with an intro and activating what stands out in your chart in ralation to what you are currently moving through in your life. Requests of area of your life that you want to work with, are welcomed.

Mentorship bundles

4 SESSIONS: This is your breakthrough bundle!
As you move deeply through your Life Work, Evolution (life lesson), Radiance (your inner Sun and what keeps your healthy and creates synchronicities ) and Life Purpose, you will come into a stability in life that profoundly helps you move through life with confidence, flow, resilience, deeper understanding of yourself and your gifts, and an open heart. To be completed within 3 months.


11 SESSIONS: Life changing beyond what the mind can perceive! For both your inner and outer experience.
This will dive deep to activate EVERY part of your chart (11 spheres). In addition to the above Activation Sequence, we dive into your Venus Sequence which highlights your relationships, your childhood conditioning, the path to your deepest heart.
We go further into your Pearl which addresses your path to abundance, prosperity and fulfillment! You will also get additional material to understand and work with.
Recommended time 6-11 months.


Welcome to your Higher Purpose and a profoundly life changing journey!


The transformational path HOME to yourself.

A monthly gathering to learn, contemplate and alchemize into your own unique higher purpose.


-email me to be put on a waitlist, as it will sell out.

You came here with a unique coding and gift,

are you ready to live in your full potential??

Gene Keys is your answer!

Each month we will go through one sphere, until all 11 spheres have been deeply penetrated.
(See intro video. Life Work, Evolution, Radiance, Purpose, Attraction, IQ, EQ, SQ, Vocation, Culture, Pearl)

With this, your life and understanding of yourself, will change forever., -and the path of energy, mindset and tools will be clear for you to use everyday,

-in relationship, health, prosperity, purpose, work and

soul fulfillment.

It's the transformational path HOME to yourself.

In the group gathering I will address the meaning of the current sphere (for example Life Work), the line, the connected animals, and how you can work with your specific key in that position.

There will be teachings and a meditation to facilitate alchemizing anything you come across in the shadow space, -to move into your gift space, plus an opportunity to share and discuss in the end.

We will have a group chat on Telegram to share experiences from working through your own keys,

because TRIBE feels amazing and we are meant to do this life in TOGETHERNESS!

*Live workshop each month
*Audio contemplation from the Gene Key founder Richard Rudd (25 min) for your unique Gene Key number for the monthly sphere. These will be self-study, but there will be opportunities for shares in the Live and the Chat group.

VIP OPTION -for you who WANT IT ALL!
*One 1:1 session per month to go deep into your own unique key of the month, to heal and alchemize and EMBODY your full potential!

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Join us in the journey HOME to yourself and your unique gifts!

Investment into yourself:

11 Month Group Membership

11 Month Membership VIP EXCLUSIVE


email me to be put on a waitlist, as it will sell out.

$444/ month


Group workshops start Aug 24th 2023 at 10am PST and will be every 3rd Thursday every month through June 2024.

If you are a Reno/Tahoe local and prefer in-person, email me,  -I will have a local group too when there is enough participants.

Group membership plus 1 monthly 1:1 session

SPECIAL 1: If you keep your membership all 11 months, you will get the last membership month for free. (Membership Live session only, -1:1 session not free)

Turn back into Membership only,



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Coming Soon


For business owners or want-to-be business owners.

An 8 session program over 4 months.

A deep dive into your purpose and pearl sequence, including branding and your unique daily energy and mindset to create full abundance having the job of your dreams,

and living from your gifts and soul purpose!
A quantum leap experience.

Includes practical homework and energetic study.

Investment $369/month x 4

Starting Spring 2024

Only 8 spots available! 

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