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Are you living your full potential?
Are you ready for magic and deep transformation?!?


The 6th round of this upgraded deeply transformative  group program is here!

 Starting spring of 2024 in-person in Reno, NV
(email me for interest both in Reno, or online round.)


I am still the same person that I was before joining Soul Blossom, but I am now thinking and behaving in ways that are much more beneficial for myself.  Kristina has helped me lift the strong intuition I already had, and opened up a whole new world where I feel held, guided and loved.

- Jenny

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You are willing to commit to yourself!

You are willing to bring out your courage to face your fears and walk your soul journey.

You are willing to become your next-level self, living from the full potential of your soul!
You are willing to have magic be a part of your life, to call in your wildest dreams!

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Kristina reminds you that you can have whatever you want in life, and she guides you to see the stories that are keeping you bound to your past. Soul Blossom reminds you that you are magical!

- Stormi


Gene Keys
personal overview natal reading

Magic & Mystery Collection Goddess Symbol_GOLD_Pixejoo.png

Birth time and place needed.
Gene Keys pinpoints your shadows/limitations, core wounds, and the gifts and bridges to transmute it all, -in all areas of life, based on your natal chart.

Gene Keys 
personal short overview natal reading

Magic & Mystery Collection Goddess Symbol_GOLD_Pixejoo.png

New & Full
Moon Rituals

& how to do daily moon tracking
for your natal chart

Your Next Level of Healing & Manifestation

8-week interactive group program to help you take your manifestations to the next level by breaking through deeper levels of limiting beliefs and further integrating your healing in an intimate safe space. Tap into new levels of confidence, integrity, pleasure, and luxury as you progress in your healing and continue manifesting your very best life.

Manifest Magic: Welcome
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Manifest Magic: About

"I’m being a lot more gentle with myself since starting Soul Blossom and the tension in my body has decreased significantly because of it."

"Working with Kristina will change your life.  Period. 

I have never had so much growth in such a short period of time:   Learning to live from my heart instead of my head;  Understanding and changing old, in-grained, subconscious, familial patterns and choosing a new way, a new path to live my life; Being grounded in reality, yet feeling a massive expansiveness to start dreaming big and reaching my goals.  And not just having goals but truly believing and seeing the growth within me so that I am enjoying the process along the way. 

Her kindness, love, support and dedication are unmatched with anyone else I have worked with, and it provided a solid and safe foundation for me to walk my path and do my work. 

I cannot recommend anyone more highly if you want to change your life!"

- Tasha

- John

Hi beautiful!

I’m Kristina Sullivan, and I’m an Intuitive Empowerment Coach.


I'm on a mission to help you get out of your head and into your heart. In your heart you connect to your divine intuitive wisdom, to your truth and purpose. There you will find inner stillness in a changing world, connect to your innate power to stand steady in your strength and let your inner healer transmute limiting patterns and life traumas. It will leave you free to set healthy boundaries, be authentically you, and to create the fulfilling life of your wildest dreams.

I combine my background in health education, holistic wellness & meditation, magick courses and rituals, with my experiences of healing my own life trauma (ancestral and generational, losing my family), 9 years of my own biz experience and soul purpose, intuition & psychic gifts; to guide you to fully embody your soul journey and embrace the goddess, and king, that you are!



I'm so happy your heart is calling you to Soul Blossom!

It will be a journey of deepening your intuition, self-exploration and healing. Which unleashes your inner wisdom, strength, and power!

You will be guided to break limiting beliefs and patterns so that you can step into your full worthiness and the divine person you are. From within you will clarify your desires, purpose, and goals, so that you can create and manifest a fulfilling soul-led life of your wildest dreams!



6th round starting
fall of 2023 in-person in Reno, NV

Program Paid in full
PAYMENT PLAN (monthly)
PAYMENT PLAN (bi-weekly)

The people that Kristina attracts are also amazing, good, loving and kind people. So the container felt very safe. Safe enough for me to be vulnerable, and in being vulnerable, I saw the most profound transformation in my life.

- Cynthia

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