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Royal manifestations

The aligned step to deepening your manifestation practice by igniting your magic and gifts fully - to become all that you are. Learn how to embody your manifested next-level self and commit to living a life of spiritual flow and soulful embodiment.

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Your Next Level of Healing & Manifestation

8-week interactive group program to help you take your manifestations to the next level by breaking through deeper levels of limiting beliefs and further integrating your healing in an intimate safe space. Tap into new levels of confidence, integrity, pleasure, and luxury as you progress in your healing and continue manifesting your very best life.

Manifest Magic: Welcome
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What You Can Expect

You’ve done the hard work, you’ve dove deep into your shadows, and you’ve invested time and energy into creating your best self. But… the journey does not stop here. Royal Manifestations is an embodiment path towards deeper levels of integrative healing in an intimate group setting that embraces depth, magic, luxury, and integrity - the perfect opportunity for you to continue your healing and to fully step into your next-level self with flow, ease, pleasure, and fulfillment. This container is the right option for you if you’re no longer a beginner to the spiritual realms, you’re here for the long haul, and you are ready to wholeheartedly commit to leading a life of intuition, abundance in all forms, pleasure, and freedom to be and speak your truth. As we walk through these 8 weeks side by side, you will have the opportunity to open yourself up to more magic, abundance, and self-love than ever before, through teachings, coaching, healing, and intention-setting rituals, resulting in more powerful and breathtaking manifestations.

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Guest Speakers

Throughout our journey together, you will receive bonus sessions with two amazing guest speakers to learn from, self-image coach Devina Bhaga and breathwork expert Kris Van Genderen. 

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1:1 Support

You will be gifted a 1:1 styling session with self image coach Devina Bhaga (worth $333). This experience will help you step into your next level self from a space of confidence, fun, and pleasure.

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Ceremonial Cacao

It's no secret that we integrate our knowledge through powerful, memorable experience. It is for this reason that you will receive a gift of ceremonial cacao to use during our sacred rituals.

Hey, I am Kristina!

I decided to completely turn my life around and did so in a year. Here's how...


I tapped deep into my inner knowing by integrating my practice of journaling, meditating, channeling and card readings as an every day part of life. I have done my spiritual practice on and off for the better part of the last 17 years, since I studied health education and holistic well-being, but this time, I decided that I was going to go all-in to fully step into my soul purpose and to manifest my very best life.


And so I did.


I made my dream job full-time, I created flow, ease, and balance between work life and mom-life, I made my spiritual practice a way of life, I prioritized shadow work so that limiting beliefs wouldn't stop me. I decided to have it all in close relationships and shifted them to focus on what and who fully supports me.


I changed my life in a year, and so can YOU.


All it takes is commitment to show up for yourself.

Are you willing?

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Manifest Magic: About Me

Take a deep breath and imagine...

You've done the inner work to get to the bottom of your most vulnerable insecurities, and you've come to accept and appreciate every inch of you exactly the way you are.

You've learned how to be more present in your body, and in return, it's so much easier to feel grounded, lead from your heart, and tune in to how you feel at any given moment.

You've tapped into your deepest desires, making it easy to uncover what your heart is longing for, and to follow and show up confident in yourself, unapologetically.

You've learned how to get intimate with all the essential aspects of yourself, including your shadows and gifts, body and soul, -helping you reach a state of internal alignment and strength.

You've learned how to tap in to what pleasure is for you, -helping you manifest the life you've always desired at a rapid speed as you master the art of going for-, expecting-, and having it all. Because nothing else is a possibility.

Who is this for?

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This 8-week program is for souls who have undergone the initial phase of their spiritual healing, and who are ready to take their manifestation practice, shadow work, and healing integration to the next level by committing to their best self.

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This transformative experience is for those who have done a fair amount of healing in the past, but who desire to go deeper by being a part of an intimate container to further explore and let go of their deepest shadows and limitations.

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This life-changing journey is for those who desire to integrate all that they've learned through spirituality, intuition, and healing into a daily rhythm, so that pleasure, confidence, and manifestation become a natural state of flow in their lives.

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What my clients has to say

"This came at a time in my life where I knew I needed to take a leap of faith and continue to invest in myself.  It was time to let go of lack mindset and welcome in abundance.  Kristina held a safe space for me to be vulnerable and raw - to look at the parts of me that are ready to be seen, loved, and transmuted. Working with her is a gift and oh so powerful.  She reminds you that you can have whatever you want in life and guides you to see the stories that are keeping you bound to your past.  Kristina is magical.  I am magical.  Working with Kristina reminds you that you are also magical!"

- Stormi



We start September 29th at 10 am PST

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