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The deep dive 3 week workshop series where you turn your shadow and challenges into wisdom and light.

Includes 2 group workshops (June 29th and July 13th)


1hr in-depth 1:1 session with Kristina (1hr value $222)


We hold things within us that keeps us back from living our full potential. Sometimes it is obvious when we are going through challenging times, and sometimes it's a pull and knowing within us, that it's time for change into a life that is more fulfilling, joyful, abundant and nurturing for our soul.

These are the times that our soul is calling us to free ourselves. -From limiting conditioning, from settling, from not being seen for the gift that we are, from not speaking our truth, from not living our full potential, from not having the life we fully desire and deserve.

To alchemize your shadows and heal them, to turn them into your blessings and then living a life where you are open to receive more than you can even dream about, is what we will do in Alchemized.

I have a plethora of tools that has gotten me not only through my most challenging times in life; losing my family, moving across continents, setting healthy boundaries and choosing my self, divorce, parenthood, entrepreneurship and walking my soul purpose path, -but that has helped me come out of it more WHOLE, strong and wiser than before.


Inner child healing on a cellular lever helps you gain a high perspective of your soul journey in this life, and helps you alchemize subconscious patterns, which in turn leaves you free to LIVE MORE FULLY in your joy, in your truth, -in being YOU!


Alchemized takes you through this deep profound process. We have 2 group sessions; 1 deep healing session and 1 manifestation session for sharp focus on your nearest future and aligning with your dreams. You also get one 1:1 session with Kristina, for personal support and guidance through this ascension process!


Join us for one of the most profound workshop series that I have ever offered, and welcome yourself to your light! 

"Working with Kristina will change your life.  Period. 

I have never had so much growth in such a short period of time:  Learning to live from my heart instead of my head;  Understanding and changing old, in-grained, subconscious, familial patterns and choosing a new way, a new path to live my life." -John

"That was the most intense inner child work I have done and I appreciate you holding space for me while taking me through it. Thank you again for being a part of my healing journey!" -Tiffiny

"Kristina has become an Angel in my life, bringing it all back home for me. Her deep work with me caused me to instantly remember all I had forgotten. To remember the realms, my full worth and my part in the entire wholeness of it all. I had endured years of suffering from not owning my personal boundaries physically as well as ethereal. I’ll always keep a place of gratitude inside my heart for what she has helped me overcome." -Amanda

We start Wednesday June 29th at 10am PST
Second group workshop is Wednesday July 13th at 10am PST


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