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Chakra membership

Soul Alignment

Become a walking magnet for magic and blessings in your life!



Full alignment to create your dreams!!

This ritual is a portal for full alignment with your flow, wisdom and power!

It includes energy work and card practices that you can do on your own when you need to center HOME in yourself!

Membership finished for 2023, email me if you are interested in the next round, or in a self-pace package!

This is the LAST of this year's chakra membership! What an incredible journey it has been January through August!
I am grateful for all of you who have been here, in magick!




Welcome to exploring your inner world, patterning, gifts and MAGNETISM!

This is a meditation membership & program in one, that is approaching chakra alignment in a unique way. It will guide you deep into your subconscious to work with your chakra alignment at the core, so that you can clear what doesn't serve you, and align with your highest potential and dreams!

It's not as much about learning about the chakras (which it is too), as it is about learning about yourself. It is very helpful to have a tool, like chakras, to pinpoint and clarify your limitations and wounding, as well as your gifts.

This opens up for self-discovery, self-awareness, and maybe most of all;

-for greater self love.


We will work with one chakra per month, so that you can make long-lasting changes and have time to ponder, be aware, integrate and anchor your alignment.​ Active learning, while not being overwhelming, is a very powerful way to integrate wisdom.


In the beginning of each month you will get:

*A pdf workbook with info about the current chakra, including ways to enhance it with practices, crystals, affirmations, astrology and rituals.

*Included in the workbook is also deeper journal questions to ponder, -to bring your subconscious into the light, so that you can see the programming that this holds for you personally, and how you can heal and bring each chakra into long-lasting alignment into your full potential.

*A pre-recorded meditation for the current chakra, for you to use and come back to anytime, to enhance this chakra alignment on an energetic level.

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We will get together live on zoom once a month (replay available), around the 3rd week of the month, for deeper teachings and ample time for questions, shares and conversations around what has been coming up for you around the journal questions and work with the current chakra.

After facilitating many intentional groups and programs, I know how the group always brings magic and enhance each other's journey and wisdom!

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After going through the 7 chakras, we will have one extra month of the flow and balanced harmony of them all together, -the kundalini flow.

Added to this will be a wholeness ritual and full card spread alignment that you can use anytime in the future.


For you who are ALL IN, there is a VIP option of one 1:1 one hour session per month with Kristina, so that we can go even deeper into your personal journey, healing, alignment and creative power of the current chakra.

The VIP bundle is a Special compare to one-off sessions!



This is a membership, charged monthly, that you can cancel with a 30 days notice, OR join just for EACH monthly live ritual. (If you want previous months chakras/or the monthly pdf/meditation course, it can be added for a fee.) 

You will be SPARKLINGLY aligned!

You can start any time. At the beginning of each month you'll get the pdf and meditation, and then we go through one chakra per month, and end in August with the Chakra harmony kundalini month.

Please observe that the Ritual without the Membership only includes the Live Ritual Group Call. (Exception for the throat chakra in May)

Your options

Chakra Flow Live Ritual $111

Tuesday August 15th 10 am PST. Replay available

Membership $133
Membership + VIP $355

The Membership includes one EXTRA recorded meditation for each chakra (1/month) and a 10 page pdf for additional teachings, rituals and tools per chakra, plus the Live Ritual Workshop,

Runs monthly through August.

Third Eye Chakra; June 9th 10am PST

Crown Chakra; July 18th 10am PST

Chakra Balancing Kundalini Flow; August 15th 10am PST

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