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When your mind stands in your way of manifesting your dream life!

It's time to:

Re-wire your mind to work for you.

Away from doubt, fear, over-thinking and negative thought-loops;

and into peace, optimistic outlook, trust, focus, confidence and excitement.

-Into Soul Consciousness!

Do you know what you want to manifest for yourself, but your mind trips you up with doubt of yourself,  and how you'll be able to make it happen?

Are you an over-thinker that, at least at times, tend to go down the rabbit hole of worry or anxiety?

Do you find yourself stuck in patterns that you know are not beneficial for you, but you can't seem to make long-lasting changes?

Are your dreams not here yet?!

Your mind, and you, operate from over 95% subconscious programming.

So in creating a life that is not yet your lived reality, you have to become aware of your limiting mind loops, why they are there (core wounding), course correct and re-wire your mind to work for you. 


This way you re-wire your thoughts to believe in yourself, turn the belief into deep inner knowing, and make the knowing into possibilities!

You make your mind lock into alignment with your soul!

You have to learn to focus your awareness on the not yet seen.

In other words, to align with your soul,

and see the magic that is always all around you!

When you are aware and aligned and this way, and keep this focus, -that's when you open to the synchronicities, opportunities and mindblowing magic that your soul and the Universe co-creates with you. You create what you expect, and when you learn to expect your dreams to become reality (without your mind tripping you up and looping back), -they will!

Your mind is wired for survival, your soul is wired for growth.

Are you ready to live in


Do you want to:

*Move beyond your current reality into one with magic opportunities and synchronicities?


*Experience more peace and trust within you, in your everyday life?

*Make your energy a magnet for your dreams? 

Wte flower.png


Then I have TWO solutions for you to move into

Inner Power Meditation Series

The Inner Power Meditation Series is a guided meditation bundle with 12 different meditations  in video format, for you to access and do on your own time. These meditations will help you with intuitive practices, mindfulness, releasing old patterns, balancing your chakras and manifest your dream life!


A continuous training of your mind, coupled with teachings that will blow your mind into expansion, manifestation techniques and the consciousness of an empowered group mind, plus some extra energy magic, will kick-start your alignment and quantum leap your reality!
So I am offering a 3-day workshop to do this!

Re-wiring your mind takes practice, and meditation is the space where you can move beyond your mind into your soul consciousness, until you learn to be and live in soul consciousness in your day to day life.

So let's do this together, -and expand into your next-level self, 

-make your Soul Consciousness your reality!

Inner Power Meditation Series

This bundle is a selection of some of my most amazing meditations I've led the last year in my programs, workshops and membership. They are edited to only hold the meditations (no teachings but some with a few minutes intro), and the 12 meditations are between 15 and 35 min each, for a total of almost 6 hours. You get a pdf with info on how and when to use each one, and links to each video. You will have lifetime access to these.

These meditations will help you with intuitive practices, mindfulness mind re-wiring, releasing old patterns, balancing your chakras, intentional rituals and manifest your dream life!
Gifting this bundle is available too!


For 3 days we will bring down the roof and blow your mind into expansive Soul Consciousness in this dynamic workshop series!

Fri Oct 14th 5pm PST -45 min meditation.

Sat Oct 15th 10am PST -90 min Soul Consciousness expansion and meditation.

Sun Oct 16th 10am PST -90 min Soul Consciousness manifestation and meditation.

Replays will be available for all, and teachings start on Sat for those of you who are busy or have time zone differences on Fri, -but available for those of you who wish to make this an all amazing quantum leap into Soul Consciousness!

TESTIMONIALS from the workshop

I am so incredibly grateful for Kristina! I have worked with Kristina for a couple years now in her groups as well as 1:1; and I just love being in her energy and absorbing her knowledge!! 

This weekend I attended one of the best of Kristina's workshops to date; Soul Consciousness Course.  Friday night began with an amazing meditation that had me in tears. It was so beautiful!  Saturday's class continued with so much knowledge that left me reeling with' Yes yes yes that's what I need to do'!!  Then Sunday's meditation was a game changer!  The meditation showed me what I wanted, and before I had no idea that this is what I wanted, and yet every part of it resonated ...every cell in my body reacted, knowing ..a deep knowing that this was SO right.  The energy was so intense as we sat there, my hands started to do Qi gong & I was literally in two different worlds simultaneously.

It was so magical. 
All that said; Kristina has changed my life by quantum leaps and bounds and if you dare to step within her Magic I have no doubt she will do the same for you!!


My life has not only changed infinity as a result of working with Kristina, but has moved at warp speed : So, (in the words of Kristina (100%))

"of course" when the opportunity to be a part of her Soul Consciousness workshop presented itself, I jumped at the opportunity!
This woman is MAGIC in human form. Her love, dedication, knowledge, understanding, healing, and ability to push you deep to the core wounds/shadow to heal is unmatched.
Then, with the Soul Consciousness workshop, she goes even deeper!!! Her guidance, tips, practical action, meditations, and more, facilitates your ability to release whatever pesky limiting beliefs the subconscious mind is still clinging to so you can integrate your new story and allow all your wildest dreams to become reality. I am still flying high from the final meditation and the expansiveness of this new story I'm stepping into. If you want to live a soul lead life beyond your wildest comprehension, run, don't walk, -you will not be disappointed!

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