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See Cosmic Clarity

Cosmic Clarity

Understanding your blue print from the stars

Your natal chart is your unique blue print

Are you going through life changes, feeling a calling to something bigger, and looking for clarity and peace on your path?


In Cosmic Clarity you get to explore your unique inner world, and get to know all the players in your astrology natal chart. You will be fascinated to find out that you recognize all these energies within you, in a deep validation for your inner and outer world. You will get clarity in the midst of your transformative path, and use the knowledge to consciously move with your Soul Evolution, -to create a fulfilling magic soul-led life; in abundance, in inner peace & stability, in relationships, in soul purpose and much more!

Finishing Cosmic Clarity, you will understand your natal chart, how to find out how current transits are affecting you, feel more flow and synchronicities, and know how you can use your blueprint and transits to turn your life into excellence!


1. Understanding your chart

-What, How, Your big 3 (sun, moon, rising)

This class is the base for understanding what you are looking at when you see your chart, how to find all your planets and angels, how they impact each other. Plus deeper dive into your big 3; Sun, Moon and Rising sign, about your wants and needs, and the impact of the daily moon transits in your chart.


2. Communicate Love

-The lover, The fighter, The communicator.

In this class we dive into Venus, Mars and Mercury to understand our values and passions, within, as well as in relationship with others and the compatibility between.


3. Expansion and Legacy

-Aligning with the sweet spots for a fulfilled life.

Understanding the outer planets in your chart, clarifies how you expand and create a successful legacy, with Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. We also look at significant once-in-a-lifetime transits where you are called to re-imagine and re-structure your patterns to evolve and succeed.


4. Soul Purpose and Soul Evolution

-Healing, becoming wisdom and expertise.

We each have a unique direction that we came intimately this life to learn. It holds challenges, alchemy, soul calling and purpose in life. Our North Node, Chiron, Lilith and Pluto are the biggest players in our chart, as well as in how their transits affect our chart and profoundly changes our life.

These workshops are 2 hours long, the first hour of teachings, the second hour of personal questions in your chart. Choose single classes, or buy the bundle and save!

Understanding your blue print from the stars


Understanding your blue print from the stars



Individual class sign up ($99/class):

April 27th Understanding your chart

May 4th Communicate Love

May 11th Expansion and Legacy

May 18th Soul Purpose

All 4 sessions:

video courses
Magic & Mystery Collection Goddess Symbol_GOLD_Pixejoo.png

*astro transit magic*

(nr 1)

1 hr birth chart and transit
intro workshop

In this 1hr recorded workshop I will show you how to find all the placements in your own chart; planets, houses, aspects, and how to understand how transits affects you personally. You will get links on how to dive deep into both your own chart, and into transits that affect you on a daily basis and in the 28 day moon cycle, -to further this knowledge on your own.

Past courses
28 days of astro transit magic!

Learning through EXPERIENCING your chart, on an energetic level. Timed for energetic support during eclipse season.

In these 28 days you will:
*Learn the rhythm of your body and soul, by experience.
*Learn how to work with your whole chart and the transits throughout the year, for both healing and manifestation.
*Get my interpretations of every part (house and planets) of your chart, as we work with a full moon cycle
and all other transits these 28 days.
*Extra support through eclipse season and how to use the eclipses and the big life changes and insights they bring.
(specially for you with prominent (sun, moon, AC, stellium)
Scorpio-Taurus, Aries-Libra placements)
*Group community with a small group of amazing like-minded people, plus extra magic and uplevelling energies
*Scorpio eclipse extra LIVE support call.

Starting on the Aries New Moon Solar Eclipse with a Solar Eclipse Heart Opening Ritual on April 19th 2023!

*New Moon Solar Eclipse Heart Chakra ritual on Wednesday April 19th 2023 10am PST.
*My interpretation of your personal chart of each sign, including personal planets. You get these interpretations every time the moon changes sign (every 2.5 days), starting Wednesday April 19th with Aries Moon, including the current transits and how they affect your personal chart.
You can get these messages/tutorial in personal messages or in our exclusive fb group chat.
*Group messenger chat for connection and extra guidance, cards, experiences etc, -because group magic is amazing!

We end with the moon in Pisces Sunday May 14th.

Also available as an individual course, email me to find out details!

Sign Me Up!

"28 days of Astro Magic is over!
I am not even able to express how amazing it was to really to get to know yourself through Astrology. It is a whole new level of science, the astrology chart, magic and also seeing the power of each planets we are ruled by individually. Knowing the true me through the astrology chart gives a deeper understanding of our emotions but also to how they are played out in our chart and how they are effecting our daily life.
Knowing this knowledge makes it easier to understand me and why I am experiencing certain transitions and emotions.

Kristina was incredible and way beyond knowledgeable in Astrology and was able to deeply guide us individually with the astrology science from our chart and so specifically.

Astrology has always caught my attention to understand during my whole life. Kristina made me understand astrology on a whole other level I never seen before and made it understandable for anyone in the group and myself. I wish it would last for a year as it was so valuable for me to understand this in a deeper level and to understand myself on new way.
Thank you for these incredible 28 days of Astro Magic it was truly magically thank you from the bottom of heart Kristina, you are such a magical pure soul thank you for being in my life and I am so grateful we connected in the universe and crossed paths in this life! -Ranjanna"

Eclipse Gathering &
SPRING EQuinox Manifestation

Eclipses holds great closures and grand openings; -turning points!

As we're heading into eclipse season, having guidance to support you during these times, helps you to navigate these intense energies constructively, in order to THRIVE!

The Full Moon Eclipse in Libra (3/25), and the new Moon in Aries (4/8), asks for Harmony within, balance and boundaries in your relationship with yourself, and with others. 

This eclipse gathering sets you up for THRIVING through these changes.

Included is a message for your personal insight of how these eclipses affect you in your personal natal chart.

Only 6 spots available due to personal time for deeper astrology questions and cards,

in the gatherings.

Join us!

Available in-person in Reno, and online via zoom.
Tuesday March 2
6th 12pm PST online
Tuesday March 26th 6.30pm PST in Reno, NV

Zoom Eclipse Gathering
Reno Cacao Ceremony
Magic & Mystery Collection Goddess Symbol_GOLD_Pixejoo.png

astro transit magic 
-for a life time

(nr 2)

The outer planet transits  are profound in how they affect our personal chart and life. They move slower, so the transits are more life changing, and lasts for about 9-18 months, -to help us with the true transformation.

To know these transits, how they will move in your relationships, abundance, worthiness, healing and re-birth of all kinds, will help you with validation, love and understanding, in the process of going deeper to take advantage of this energetic support in the best possible way!

This live zoom workshop is a deep dive into Pluto, Neptune, Uranus and Saturn transits, so you can take advantage of these once-in-a life time opportunities for expansion.
The second part of the workshop consists of 10 min for each participant to ask personal questions concerning their chart or transits affecting them.
Max 8 participants.

If you don't have basic natal chart knowledge to understand how to find the placements; planets, houses, aspects, in your own birth chart, you can purchase the previous class video, nr 1., and watch the 1 hr video prior to this Live Workshop.

LIVE WORKSHOP Sunday March 3rd 2024 at 9am PST
Only 8 spots available

Sign me up! $99


Creating your new legacy.
Last New Moon in Capricorn conjunct Pluto,

for the next 248 years!
Pluto is personal power, Capricorn is building a legacy of wealth with your gifts.
Join is in this manifestation ritual, deeply anchoring your intentions of your life legacy,

together with your goals for 2024!

Live Ritual

January 11th 10-11am PST

Bring a journal and if you have it, -a spell candle.

Buy a spell candle here:

Magic & Mystery Collection Goddess Symbol_GOLD_Pixejoo.png
scorpio new moon
ascension ceremony

Breaking through your glass ceiling!
Clear out the challenges of the last two years (Taurus and Scorpio eclipses), and time collapse to manifest your fullest potential!

You get personal cards to help you attune to your highest potential in what you want to alchemize in your life right now, and we do an attunement meditation to align your energy!


Online, Nov 12th, 9am PST

Online sign-up!

Northwest Reno, Nov 12th, 4pm PST
Cacao Ceremony

Reno sign-up!
Magic & Mystery Collection Goddess Symbol_GOLD_Pixejoo.png
Eclipse Magic gatherings!

We are in eclipse season, and it gives us the opportunity to

remember our power and transform our lives!

Eclipses are potent energies to move with, and they will move us internally and externally.

This is the time when you keep focused on your dreams, and let the Universe do the rest. -Your "homework" is to keep aligned to your soul!

This is WHY I'm offering these workshops for you!

The nodes are in Aries and Libra until January 2025 so this is where most of the transformation will take place in your chart, however we have the last eclipse in Taurus now this fall.

I am offering extra support for this fall eclipse season with small gatherings (on zoom) where you will each get 10-15 min to ask questions around your own chart, receive personal cards and coaching. We start with a short eclipse intro for each eclipse, and a transformation practice!

Eclipses are exact: Oct 14th Libra New Moon, 21 degrees
Oct 28th Taurus Full Moon, 5

These will strongly affect relationships, personal security and power, and possible abandonment wounds.

These eclipses are life changing, -move through the challenges they bring in the breakthroughs, with this extra support and empowerment.
Together we go to the next level!! 🔥 

Join the eclipse gatherings

Only 6 spots for each gathering!

No replay if you miss the Live.

For the Libra New Moon:
Thursday Oct 12th, 10am - 12pm PST

For the Taurus Full Moon:
Thursday Oct 26th, 10am - 12pm PST

Join both and save!

Libra New Moon $111
Join Both $177
Taurus Full Moon $111
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