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Stormi says...

"I've had amazing healing experiences working with Kristina through her programs Soul Blossom, Royal Manifestations plus 1:1 Mentorship! Above all, Kristina gives her clients the energy and space for their own souls to bring their own magic into reality and leave the old stories behind. Magical, memorable, and motivating!"

For the heart and soul who wants to 

transform their life into LIving in Soul consciousness!

Are you Ready?
We go deep.
To the core of your soul journey,
in this life and through lifetimes.

So that you can live the magical life you want to create,
from the bottom of your heart and soul.
A Soul-Led Life.

Kristina uses a plethora of different tools like inner child healing, past life healing, soul retrieval, readings, channeling, meditation, energetic boundaries, astrology, gene keys etc.

This is for you who:

Want to live a fully soul aligned life.

Want to learn how to work with your deep space within, your soul, -away from the noise and the business of your mind, and to INTEGRATE your soul consciousness and soul gifts into this human life.

Want to enrich the relationship with yourself in healing and loving ways, with healthy boundaries, and by balance your giving- and receiving patterns, so that you can HOLD more of the blessings your soul came here to experience.

Are ready to listen deep within and uncover the wisdom and deep intuitive knowledge that we all have within, the portal to your soul journey and understanding the higher purpose of life, your soul purpose in this life, and everything this soul-led life holds.

Are willing to connect deeper inside, to show up vulnerable for yourself in order to step into the deep unwavering true power of your essence.

Want to expose, understand and heal trauma, wounds and limiting patterns, and shed old identities that no longer serve you, in relationship with both yourself and others around you, including ancestral, generational and past life wounds.

Are ready to reclaim your energy, to step deeper into worthiness, and to the royal you who are self-aware, confident, and empowered, from the core of your soul.

Want to learn how to ignite and sustain your soul-given unique gifts in this life, channeled through your passions and dreams, into manifested reality!

Are ready to invite magic opportunities, situations, and relationships!

Want to live your life with a higher perspective, deep knowing, and purpose in life. 

John says...

"Working with Kristina will change your life.  Period. 

I have never had so much growth in such a short period of time:   Learning to live from my heart instead of my head;  Understanding and changing old, in-grained, subconscious, familial patterns and choosing a new way, a new path to live my life; Being grounded in reality, yet feeling a massive expansiveness to start dreaming big and reaching my goals. Something that was never safe for me to do before. And not just having goals but truly believing and seeing the growth within me so that I am enjoying the process along the way. 

Her kindness, love, support and dedication are unmatched with anyone else I have worked with, and it provided a solid and safe foundation for me to walk my path and do my work. 

I cannot recommend anyone more highly if you want to change your life!"

Courtney says...

Kristina has changed my life. I have participated in her mentorship program, workshops, the Soul consciousness workshop and the Soul Blossom program, and have spiritually grown more in the past few months than I have in my entire life.

I have healed decades of trauma- from the death of a parent at a young age, to a messy divorce coupled with going through cancer at 30 years old. This trauma healing was truly a transformation of my soul into pure light and peace. I have learned to fully trust myself and most importantly that absolutely anything is possible, including all of my wildest dreams! I KNOW they will come true.

She has taught me how to bypass my thinking, critical mind and go directly to my heart and soul and live from there. Her classes are all so powerful and have literally transported me to different realms.

I have unlocked my true power with Kristina and have fearlessly searched within myself to heal and become a powerful spiritual being. I am SO excited for my life because I know it is PURE magic. Kristina made that possible. I couldn’t be more grateful for her. My life is forever altered in the best way imaginable.

Nikhil says...

I feel like a new me, but the real me. The one who was always there but was lost in all the chaos around him. You pulled me out of that maze, with so much care, with so much grace and patience and so much love. That whole process felt like a walk in a beautiful garden. But the inside one.

Whatever I am now, I am because of your teachings and because of your guidance. I am forever in debt. I've never had a mentor like you and I am really very grateful that you came into my life. And stayed. Thank you so much for everything! Literally for EVERY SINGLE THING!

the details

You bring:

Your commitment to lovingly show up for yourself, through healing and shadow work into your full potential in your heart and soul.

You get:

Kristina's magic, space holding and loving healing.
We go deep into your core patterns, and higher perspective of your soul journey, so that you can both understand AND re-program your energetic field and nervous-system when applicable, to instead live the soul-led life you came here to live. 

I use a plethora of different tools like inner child healing, past life healing and Akashic records, soul retrieval, card readings, channeling, meditation, energetic management, astrology, moon and planetary transit work, gene keys natal chart etc.

8 x 60 min 1:1 sessions, over 2-4 months.

Are you ready to transform yourself and your life? 

Email me if the answer is YES,
and you are ready to put in the work to make your life magically aligned!

Burgandy says...

I have worked with Kristina in a variety of settings: I started by watching her live card pulls and then gradually joined, then I attended a few workshops, and most recently, I did the intuitive wisdom course and am now working with her 1:1 in mentorship, to step into my own power and own the space I long to fill in my own life as well as in those around me.

Kristina always comes prepared and I feel like I’ve always gotten more than I anticipated from each session or setting.

I am so grateful for the opportunities I’ve been given to work with Kristina in such a vast amount of settings and skill sets and I highly recommend her services to anyone considering them!

Ingela says...

Since I started working with Kristina, I have found an inner peace that I have never experienced before. I no longer have the same feeling of being chased by stress. A new energy has filled my body and I feel that I have grown as a person.  During my journey, I have really trusted Kristina's ability to hold space for me and to clear what has been toxic. I feel that Kristina has a unique ability to provide tools for an inner journey, and highly recommend her courses and mentorship.

Ashley says...

Over the last year or so, I’ve watched many of Kristina's live card pulls, had a couple of one-on-one healing sessions, joined in on her manifestation workshops, and most recently completed an 8-week mentorship… laughed, thought outside the box, cried, took many notes… and I AM NOT THE SAME PERSON I WAS BEFORE!!!!!

I have learned so much about myself and the world around me.

I’ve learned how my intuition speaks to me.

I’ve learned how to utilize meditation, grounding, and tools (cards, crystals, candles, astrology, etc) to make decisions for the highest good of myself and my children, and to understand what the heck is going on when life starts to feel overwhelming.

I have grown in my confidence and in my awareness.

I have launched a business that I love, and have seen so many doors of opportunities opening up for me.

I don’t react to everything that I cannot control, and I especially do not react with immediate anger or aggression like I’ve done in the past (Taurus problems lol).

I am continuously learning how to live and love the most of my soul-led life and it really is all thanks to Kristina’s guidance and love/big hugs!

So, thank you!!! I love you to life my friend!

Kylie says...

I just finished a 4-week healing course with Kristina and wanted to thank her for everything.  I had a very tough upbringing and through most of my life, so her gentleness and calmness were what I needed.  Not only is she soft-spoken and kind, but she is also genuine and caring.   I knew while searching that counseling wasn’t for me — I needed something with more depth.  Whenever I would get triggered or feel it coming, I use the tools that she showed me to ground myself. I’ve let out cries during the sessions that I’ve been holding in for a long time, but they’re just what I needed. Voxer has also been great during this course...  It was nice and very helpful to be able to communicate whenever I needed advice.  Kristina is a wonderful person and I love who she is so much...”

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