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                  Ignite the
     higher expression
                      of  YOURSELF

Do you feel like something is missing in your life, and get trapped in an unfulfilled feeling,

and worried or anxious thoughts?

Have you repeated patterns in relationships where you don't feel seen and heard?

Do you want to have it all, but don't quite believe in yourself enough to believe it's possible?


Then, imagine this:

You have the confidence to be you fully, without filter and without caring what people think.

You trust yourself fully to make decisions without second guessing, and that you have all the resources you need within, to create a truly fulfilling dream life, on your own terms.

You have the energetic boundaries and tools to respond to life from your center and power.

You have fulfilling relationships in all ways, based on mutual giving/receiving.

You feel connected to your body, self, people and the magic of LIFE!

You are free from conditioning that has kept you previously bound in negative patterns.


If this is what you want, then 


This is not for you who want more, -it is for you who want it ALL.

Aligning your Body, Mind, Soul, & Relationships makes you a confident dream life creator!

When you land home in who you are, confidence is yours.

You will come out re-born, and ignited in the highest potential of yourself!

8 weeks; 8 group sessions, 4 full/new moon personalized videos, plus personalized reading dossier.

Only 6 spots available! We start May 16th.

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"I want to make space for everything I deserve, so I'm letting go of everything that's in the way."
-M. Clark


"Working with Kristina will change your life.  Period. 

I have never had so much growth in such a short period of time:   Learning to live from my heart instead of my head;  Understanding and changing old, in-grained, subconscious, familial patterns and choosing a new way, a new path to live my life; Being grounded in reality, yet feeling a massive expansiveness to start dreaming big and reaching my goals. Something that was never safe for me to do before. And not just having goals but truly believing and seeing the growth within me so that I am enjoying the process along the way. 

Her kindness, love, support and dedication are unmatched with anyone else I have worked with." -J


“Your body guides you every moment on the path of your purpose and soul journey. The more you tap in, the more fine-tuned your perception of the depth of your soul, wild self, and it’s language of energy, becomes.”

Higher Body.png

Your body holds wisdom, an amazing emotional guidance system, and it is your magic vessel in this life.

So let’s rock it!


Your body also holds stored trauma, subconscious nervous system reactions and  emotions, and stagnant energy, -as a result of past traumas and conditioning.

Being confident in your own skin, style and body unlocks your unique expression.

This process of blossoming heals conditioning of playing small, pressure, not speaking your truth, and doubting yourself and your intuitive guidance, and more.


When you deeply embody your confidence and know how to healthily process your emotions with grace and insight,

you become one with your unique natural rhythm, you have balance in the Divine Feminine (receiving) and the Divine Masculine (doing), 

and will create your dream life from your magical presence and knowing within!

Do you want to be fully confident in who you are?


In this series we work with confidence in your body, as well as strong manifestation energies through emotions and embodiment!

Join us!

New Moon in Taurus May 19th.

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"We must be willing to get rid of the life we've planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us."

-J. Campbell 


"Kristina has changed my life, -I have spiritually grown more in the past few months than I have in my entire life.

I have healed decades of trauma- from the death of a parent at a young age, to a messy divorce coupled with going through cancer at 30 years old. This trauma healing was truly a transformation of my soul into pure light and peace. I have learned to fully trust myself and most importantly that absolutely anything is possible, including all of my wildest dreams! 
She has taught me how to bypass my thinking, critical mind and go directly to my heart and soul and live from there. 

I have unlocked my true power with Kristina and have fearlessly searched within myself to heal and become a powerful spiritual being. Kristina made that possible. I couldn’t be more grateful for her. My life is forever altered in the best way imaginable." -C


“Fear does not stop death, -it stops life. Worrying does not take away tomorrow’s troubles, -it takes away today’s peace.

The magic is in the NOW.”

Higher Mind.png

You live from more than 95% of subconscious responses. This is why you experience the same patterns and similar situations and relationships, -until you change the core of where you operate from. Your mind will do what it takes to maintain control in what it knows, -self-sabotaging both trust and expansion.


The mind is hardwired for survival, the soul for growth. This series will

re-train your thought patterns into mindset that benefits you!


This empowering process into your new reality includes:

Awareness of limiting subconscious programming, turning self-sabotaging thoughts and worry into empowering thoughts that create your next-level self, enjoying the present moment beyond the mind and ego, navigating the unknown where you expand into magical creation.

Join us!

Sagittarius Full Moon June 3rd

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"Your life is as good as your mindset.

Change your mind,

-change your life."

-M. Fedrizzi


"I am not the same person I was before!!

I have learned so much about myself and the world around me. I’ve learned how my intuition speaks to me.

I’ve learned how to utilize meditation, grounding, and tools (cards, crystals, candles, astrology, etc) to make decisions for the highest good of myself and my children, and to understand what the heck is going on when life starts to feel overwhelming.

I have grown in my confidence and in my awareness.

I have launched a business that I love, and have seen so many doors of opportunities opening up for me.

I don’t react to everything that I cannot control, and I especially do not react with immediate anger or aggression like I’ve done in the past.

I am continuously learning how to live and love the most of my soul-led life and it really is all thanks to Kristina’s guidance and love." -A


"You came into this life with a specific Soul Purpose and unique expression. You also came with an impeccable intuition, ability to tap into the astral realms, and a yearning to come back home into the Divine Oneness."

Higher Soul.png

Your Soul is whole, always has been, but for most of us, conditioning has blinded that Divine Essence within us.

Who are you without conditioning?

What is your soul's highest expression in this life?

To be effortlessly tapped into your SOUL via your intuition, gives you the invaluable Higher Perspective and trust in the truth; -that you always have everything you need inside, to discover your soul purpose, and create your fulfilled dream life.

You will come HOME to yourself.


In this series we will look at your personal unique gifts, purpose and wisdom, and energetically heal what stands in the way of you living it. 

The Soul series concludes on the Summer Solstice,

with celebrating the radiant sun within you!

Join us!

New Moon in Gemini June 17th

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“I don’t know where we are going but I know exactly how to get there.” -Boyd Varty


"Since I started working with Kristina, I have found an inner peace that I have never experienced before. I no longer have the same feeling of being chased by stress. A new energy has filled my body and I feel that I have grown as a person.  During my journey, I have really trusted Kristina's ability to hold space for me and to clear what has been toxic. I feel that Kristina has a unique ability to provide tools for an inner journey, and highly recommend her courses and mentorship." -I


"If you want the moon,

do not hide from the night.

If you want a rose,

do not run from the thorns.

If you want love, 

do not hide from yourself."

Higher Relationships.png

All relationships in our life have a meaning. They reflect something to you.


You have had ones where it hasn’t been safe to be you, if you still filter yourself and don’t speak your truth, if you keep ending up in people-pleasing patterns and are afraid what people will think of you, you might even have an unhealthy relationship with money, -then you are likely leaking energy by settling for less-than, and ending up feeling drained.

-You are moving through worthiness and/or abandonment wounds.

Only the soul knows what unconditional abundant love is.

Doing your inner worthiness journey, inner child healing

and changing your relationship with yourself,

will profoundly affect and align your relationships with yourself, others, and with money,

-into fulfillment, inner power and trust in your soul journey,

that will bring you aligned relationships.


Create your new reality.

Full Moon in Capricorn July 3rd

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"Make decisions that reflects your worth, not your fears.

Putting everyone else's needs before your own isn't selfless, -it's self-abandonment"


"Kristina has become an Angel in my life, bringing it all back home for me. Her deep work with me caused me to instantly remember all I had forgotten. To remember the realms, my full worth and my part in the entire wholeness of it all. I had endured years of suffering from not owning my personal boundaries physically as well as ethereal.  Kristina went the speed I was ready for and I’ll always keep a place of gratitude inside my heart for what she has helped me overcome." -A

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This program is for you who:

Want to connect with your deepest truth, confidence and fulfillment!

Want to clarify your soul purpose, and have the self-confidence and trust to pursue it!

Want to truly land HOME in yourself, -in self-love and confidence.

Want to make all your dreams a reality!


We go deep to peel off and heal any limiting layers and beliefs, both with teachings, energy work and personal guidance for YOUR uniqueness.

You will be more aligned with your body, emotions, soul, and mindset.

-free to create and manifest your highest dreams!

This program is for you who are FULLY committed to yourself, and willing to do the inner work to experience your full soul potential in this human life!


I will lovingly guide you there with teachings, love, energy work, and a plethora of personalized tools!

You will get a personal dossier  with every series,

based on your natal chart in astrology, Gene Keys or Feng Shui.

Intentional groups always work like magic.

Group containers are sacred and transformative, -being a part of this container of alchemy, knowledge and wisdom is profoundly healing of trust issues and fear of vulnerability, and will elevate you into higher vibration and outcome, multifold. I hold this sacred space, throughout the entirety of the program.

You will come out re-born,

and ignited in your highest potential to live your life to the fullest!



8 weeks; 8 group sessions, 4 personalized full/new moon meditations.

Only 6 spots available!


We start May 16th when Jupiter moves into Taurus,

and end on July 11th when Mercury enters Leo!

(no session July 4th)

Questions about the program or wondering if it's for you?

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"The people that Kristina attracts are also amazing, good, loving, and kind people. So the container felt very safe. Safe enough for me to be vulnerable and vulnerability is not necessarily my strongest suit, so her container and the people that she attracts, and the energy that she brings, allowed me to just be freely vulnerable. And in being vulnerable, I saw the most profound transformation in my life." -C


"The bundle was life changing. I held so much grief that was not mine. It has changed my life. 23 years of worry and heart break...GONE!" -B


"It’s magic Kristina, who’s life is this? I’m used to people telling me I’m wrong and now it's all changing!

I’m so so so grateful, thank you for everything, I just adore you!" -R


"You've taught me a ton about life- not just by telling me but by showing me. You've taught me to start trusting again; and then to trust more. And then to trust the void, the unknown. You've taught me grace and gratitude.

You've given me hope. You've helped me to find my passion and place in the world, you make me feel seen. You are the most incredible human I've ever met." -J

                  Ignite the
     higher expression
                      of yourself

Are you done with mediocre and want extraordinary?

Are you willing to transform your life?!


Then, this is the program for YOU!
Only 6 spots available!

Now $2121 (value $3600) 

6x $396 bi-weekly

Program + Four 1hr 1:1 Sessions $2999 (value $3600+$1200) 
Best value!

Program purchase is required first. 

Four 1hr 1:1 Sessions 3x$333 (value $1200) 


I’m Kristina and I am a professional psychic, healer, energy worker, meditator and transformation coach.

My mission is to deeply empower the Divine essence within my fellow humans, so that we can all live from Soul, Passion and Purpose, -in the unique expression we were meant to!

I help you to further open to the life that is a deep calling within you.

Bio photo frame 2022.png

I went through my spiritual awakening almost 20 years ago when I was studying Health Education and Holistic Medicine, because those were the 2 years when I also lost my grandmother, mom and sister, -all whom I was incredibly close to. Spirit called me deep, in order to not only survive but to alchemize my experience into wisdom, and clarify my Soul Purpose. The choices I had to make for myself, going against the grain, against people's opinions, and trusting blindly in my heart and intuition; -was the hardest in my life. But it taught me to set healthy boundaries, to never doubt myself again and to walk my path and do my healing. And I learned profoundly how to trust and being held by the Universe when my whole support network literally went away.

Since then I have lived on 3 different continents (born and raised in Sweden, now live in Reno, NV), been married for 12 years and divorced, started my own 2 full-time businesses and have a young daughter. I have completely changed my life, profession, friend group, location a few times over the last 20 years, -into now being the most intentional fulfilling life!

I’ve done deep shadow work regarding cultural and generational conditioning, of worthiness, of money issues, of partnership, of being enough and for standing out etc.

I guide my clients to changing their life by healing deeply ingrained trauma and patterns (often because of narcissistic parents and/or emotionally immature significant people in their life) and to find their own strength, self-love, trust, voice, natural rhythm, energetic boundaries, resourcefulness and soul purpose within. 

When you get that deep into your true essence; peace, joy, love and openness, is what actually manifests the dreams you thought were impossible. You step into a magic life in the flow and confidence of your soul, where you attract the relationship, opportunities and circumstances that only the Universe can orchestrate! 

Some of the tools I use, in addition to my educations and experience, is channeling, cards, mediumship, animal wisdom, astrology, Gene Keys, Akashic records, soul retrieval, Feng Shui, crystals, herbs, rituals, meditation of all forms, chakra balancing, energy healing, inner child healing and much more.

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