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align inTO LOVE!

A transformative 3 hour workshop focused on self-love & intuition, to fill your cup and to

re-awaken your inner power!

Experience coming home and live from your heart!

Sunday June 5th

 3 to 6 pm

We will spend the afternoon at the Studio at River School Farms in northwest Reno, with access to their beautiful garden by the river.

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 "The Awaken Your Light 4-day Retreat was an invitation for me to surrender even deeper into my very own Hero's Journey. The energetic and physical space that Kristina created provided an environment that allowed all participants to feel safe to step further into their authenticity, release things that were ready to go, and call in our new stories ready to be birthed into physical reality! Healing, manifesting, sharing, loving, and empowerment all happened at Awaken Your Light. It was a memory I will never forget. I showed up to the retreat ready to shed my old skin and I left the retreat loving myself and my life more than I ever have. Above all, Kristina gives her clients the energy and space for their own souls to bring their own magic into reality and leave the old stories behind. Magical, memorable, and motivating!"  -Stormi

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Creating time and energetic space for yourself can be tricky, but oh so important, to fill your cup, otherwise you will feel depleted, and not fully enjoying your life.

Self-love is a practice that not only fills your cup, but also is a part of energetic awareness, so that you can see where you're spending your energy and focus in the wrong places, and direct it to your benefit, to give you joy, ease and fulfillment instead.

The benefits of doing your inner work are huge and plenty, it helps you to tap into your intuition, your soul purpose, your inner strength, -and to heal and let go of energy, patterns and lifetimes that no longer serve you. This is how you find joy and stillness within, to live a soul-led life.

During this retreat day you will learn and practice all of this, so that you can anchor deeper in your heart, being more you, and live your life more joyous and fulfilled.

A Soul-Led Life.

No pre-requisite is required, just come with yourself, a journal and a cushion/mat to sit on!

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for deep self-love rejuvenation!

Email me for any questions!

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