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Earlier Retreats:

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Awaken your light

Retreat in Reno, NV by Lake Tahoe

March 17th to 20th 2022
Spring Equinox


Is an in-person deeply transformational retreat in the beautiful Sierra's. This is a powerful time to step up and spread your light and your gifts, -you are needed in this world! And the Spring Equinox is PRIME manifestation time! Wether you are a lightworker of your family in healing limiting patterns and traumas, or/and someone who works as a healer and reader, -we step up and lead together in stronger union! In this retreat you will heal and shed your old patterns and ways that dims your light, to be birth anew with strength, clarity and focus to go after your dreams and passions! We will cry and laugh and be deeply REAL!

Your light is within, and the brighter you let it shine, the more you will live your most fulfilled life!

We will work with the strong energies of the full moon on the 18th to shed limiting patterns, and move into manifesting with the Spring Equinox and the astro New Year on the 20th, -to make this an extra powerful transformation!

Retreat me-1.jpg

Your host Kristina Sullivan

I thrive in deep transformation, and my one of my gifts is to see soul journey's, and to be able to guide you through yours, in transformations. Seeing your soul so clearly, I hold up a mirror so that you can see how radiantly yours shine, so that you can anchor into your own magic.
This is what I call deep connection in all ways, and that is who I am and what you get when you're with me. 💙 

the details


Starts Thursday March 17th at 4pm

Friday 7am - 8pm with free time in between

Saturday 7am - 5.30pm 

Ends 11am Sunday March 20th


Rituals are powerful anchors in moving energy, and 3 are included in your retreat.

*Heart Opening Cacao Ceremony

*Releasing Full Moon Ritual

*Manifesting Spring Equinox Ritual


Each day starts with an optional short meditation at 7am, before breakfast.

The 2 full days has 3 main group sessions, each 1.5-2 hours.
Plus Magic and Play of course!

Guest Magicians

*Dustin of Reno Magick will hold a workshop in oils and crystals used in spell work for success and abundance!

*Stormi of Kiss My Ascension will hold a session and meditation to integrate the four elements into your transformation practice! 

  "The Awaken Your Light Retreat was an invitation for me to surrender even deeper into my very own Hero's Journey. The energetic and physical space that Kristina created provided an environment that allowed all participants to feel safe to step further into their authenticity, release things that were ready to go, and call in our new stories ready to be birthed into physical reality! Healing, manifesting, sharing, loving, and empowerment all happened at Awaken Your Light. It was a memory I will never forget. I showed up to the retreat ready to shed my old skin and I left the retreat loving myself and my life more than I ever have. Above all, Kristina gives her clients the energy and space for their own souls to bring their own magic into reality and leave the old stories behind. Magical, memorable, and motivating!"  -Stormi

"Working with Kristina will change your life.  Period. 

I have never had so much growth in such a short period of time:   Learning to live from my heart instead of my head;  Understanding and changing old, in-grained, subconscious, familial patterns and choosing a new way, a new path to live my life; Being grounded in reality, yet feeling a massive expansiveness to start dreaming big and reaching my goals.  And not just having goals but truly believing and seeing the growth within me so that I am enjoying the process along the way. 

Her kindness, love, support and dedication are unmatched with anyone else I have worked with, and it provided a solid and safe foundation for me to walk my path and do my work. 

I cannot recommend anyone more highly if you want to change your life!"  -John

"Kristina has become an Angel in my life, bringing it all back home for me. Her deep work with me caused me to instantly remember all I had forgotten. To remember the realms, my full worth and my part in the entire wholeness of it all. I had endured years of suffering from not owning my personal boundaries physically as well as ethereal.  Kristina went the speed I was ready for and I’ll always keep a place of gratitude inside my heart for what she has helped me overcome." -Amanda


We will be staying on the east side of Reno, in Sparks, by the beautiful little Sparks Lake & Marina, with a walkway along the lake.

The 3 story house is located in a quiet neighborhood on a canal leading out to the lake. There is a quaint coffee shop at the end of the street, and walking distance to a few restaurants and also to Legends outdoor mall.


Retreat house.jpg

Photo:Courtesy of the house owners

Retreat Sparks Lake.jpg

Sparks Lake

Everything in Reno is within 15-20 min driving distance. Grocery stores are just a few minutes away, depending on your preference, and the airport is small and conveniently located in the middle of town, 5 miles from the retreat house.
Reno Magick with Temple and Shop is 6 miles away.

Truckee is 40 min away
Lake Tahoe is about 1 hour away,

-I'll be happy to tell you my favorite spots to explore!

Reno is high desert at 4500ft elevation, and the weather in March is on average 55-65 degrees during the day, and full sun, but freezing temperatures at night. Snow is still possible, but minimal. Tahoe/Truckee has a different climate with lower temperatures and chance of more snow.

The house is spacious with an outdoor patio on the canal, and a balcony above.
Fully quipped big kitchen with dining and living room in an open floor plan.
One room will be used exclusively for our meditations, rituals and sessions.

The rooms have 2 and 3 beds, so you will be sharing a room with 1 or 2 people. There are 3.5 baths.

Retreat Bedroom 1.jpg

Photo:Courtesy of the house owners

Retreat Living room.jpg

Photo:Courtesy of the house owners

Retreat Bedroom 2.jpg

Photo:Courtesy of the house owners


*Thursday Evening Dinner.
In house

*Breakfast all 3 days.
In house with tea & coffee,
oatmeal, fruits and toast.

*Lunch Friday and Saturday.
At 2 of my favorite wholesome lunch places.

*Snacks in the house if you get hungry
between sessions or any other time!

GF food.png
GF coffee.png

Dinner Friday & Saturday
(not included)
There will be time for your choice of cooking in house, order take-away 
or enjoy some of Reno-Sparks restaurants (I have several to recommend)


Retreat Sunset v2.jpg

   Join now, and

Start the real new year of 2022 with the Spring Equinox; fresh, cleared, and focused to go after your dreams from the magic that is YOU!

Awaken your POWER!

Mini Retreat in Northwest Reno, NV 

Quiet the noise, let your soul be heard. 

Align with your higher self and  open to receiving the blessings and magic

of a soul-led life.

Fri Sept 29th 6-8pm  &
Sat Sept 30th 10am-4pm

Young Confident Woman

You are powerful beyond measure.

With a full and open heart,

you align yourself with your gifts and power. 

Your soul is calling you to expand your life and receive your blessings.

When you are done with outdated patterns in relationships, over-giving,

work fulfillment and/or scarcity,

 and want to expand your reality to become more balanced and filled with your passions and dreams; -the most important thing is to align with your soul.

Your soul will guide you through healing into your confidence and gifts, into your highest potential. When you are fully home in yourself, you are unstoppable.

This path is one of loving yourself, -to ignite your true essence of creativity, peace within, unconditional love and infinite possibilities.

Your essence of your own uniqueness and power.

This mini retreat will guide you back home to your true essence.

We use heart opening cacao, cards, meditation, healing and manifestation

to align with the magic of your soul!

Friday September 29th 6-8pm:

We start the retreat with an evening heart opening cacao ceremony, to set the intention for our time together, and ignite your highest dreams. We work with the full moon in Aries for powerful effects and clarity.

(Please plan a quiet evening and morning at home before we gather again)

Saturday September 30th 10am - 4pm:

2 sessions with a lunch break in between. (Lunch salad bowl from Elixir included)

In these sessions we focus on releasing old limiting conditioning, and then to expand into a lighter frequency aligned with your power and gifts; to bring your highest dreams into reality.


You will finish Saturday rejuvenated, profoundly reborn,

and home in your joy and power!


The full moon in Aries on September 29th signifies major themes of courage, innovation and balance in relationships and independence, that will be on the forefront for the eclipses in Aries-Libra for the next 18 months powerful transformation!

Awaken your POWER!

Mini Retreat in Northwest Reno, NV 

Only 8 spots available!
(Cacao Ceremony and Full Day)

Aries Full Moon Cacao Ceremony Only

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