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Kristina offered me healing beyond my expectations, providing guidance by affirming truths that my soul had been hesitating to believe. In an extremely uncertain time of my life, her words have gifted me the permission, strength, and faith I didn’t know I needed and didn't know was possible.



GEMINI NEW MOON on june 6th

This New Moon is all about pivoting into receiving! With it being in the flexible sign of Gemini, conjunct Venus, we are looking into our venusian themes of femininity, receiving, relationships, money, love, desires and harmony.

Get your personal 15 min New Moon reading!
Only available through 6/6 midnigth!

Gemini New Moon.jpg


* 30 min 1:1 Card Reading
on zoom.

Choose general reading or a specific area of life; health, prosperity, love, relationship, work.

* 30 min 1:1 Astrology Reading

Find out how the planets are effecting and supporting you right now, the timings for life transformations in your chart, and what is the loudest in your natal chart when it comes to love, nurturing, money, soul evolution!

SPECIAL: 4 session Heart opening Healing bundle

Chakra alignment, Inner Child Healing, Past Life Healing

*1:1 SeSSIONS*

These are on zoom.
Email me if you want in-person in Reno, NV

Ascend your mind, body, soul, relationship and your whole human experience!
In this session we will TURN ON & UP your most abundant and fulfilled self! You are meant to live in your full potential! In this session we attune to your highest truth and peel away what is unaligned.

* INTUITIVE GUIDANCE session 60 min

* inner child healing session 90 min

Heal the core patterns from childhood or relationship trauma, that is limiting you living your best life. Can also be ancestral and past life connected healing.

You will be activated to open up your portal and self-love, to soul-alignment into your lighter, prouder, trusting, powerful self!

* GENE KEY Session 60 min

Your personal Gene Key chart hold your transformation in every area of your life! I combine this with healing and empowerment.

Also available: 4 sessions Activation Sequence to unlock your genius,
and 11 session full Gene Key Mentorship


The planets effect us greatly, and gives us opportunities to heal and manifest with more ease, when we are supported energetically. To know how the current moving planets affect your birth chart help you profoundly to move with them to most beneficially improve and enhance your life, and when to act and not!


Two 1 hr sessions to learn the profound technique of journeying in your Akashic Records! 
This is where you can visit past, present and future timelines, and through that, experiencing profound healing and understanding about yourself and relationships, plus receive important messages for growth and manifestation.

It's one of the most profound intuitive tools I have practiced since 2005.

"Working with Kristina will change your life.  Period. 

I have never had so much growth in such a short period of time:   Learning to live from my heart instead of my head.  She helped me to start listening to my own intuition, -MY OWN TRUTH. 

Then gave me the tools, unconditional love, support and space to develop and trust it. 


That is the single and most powerful thing that I have ever received from anyone.  

The effect that this has had on me is immeasurable.  Curiosity, wonder and awe have come roaring back; and overall, I feel more expansive and excited to live each day of my life.  The pressure that I have felt for my entire life has been lifted and I’m seeing the world in a different light.  My creativity is flourishing.  In short, I feel like a completely new person.

Her kindness, love, support and dedication are unmatched with anyone else I have worked with, and it provided a solid and safe foundation for me to walk my path and do my work. 

I cannot recommend anyone more highly if you want to change your life!"



Contact me for in-person classes, cacao ceremonies
and 1:1 sessions

Life changing products that works with lightwaves and soundwaves to enhance your focus, auric & physical vitality, plus keep energetic boundaries.


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My Blog- 
From my heart to yours

A soul journey perspective

Hi, beautiful!

I’m Kristina Sullivan, and I’m an Intuitive Empowerment Coach and Healer. I'm on a mission to help you get out of your head and into your heart and soul journey through deep healing and manifestation. In your heart, you connect to your divine intuitive wisdom, to your truth and purpose; your soul. There you will find inner stillness in a changing world, connect to your innate power to stand steady in your strength, and let your inner healer transmute limiting patterns and conditionings.
Working with me is life changing, because I always go to the core of your patterns.
It will leave you free to be authentically unapologetically  you,  with healthy boundaries, and create the fulfilling life of your wildest dreams, with passion!

For you who know astrology, I'm a Scorpio Moon, and Leo Sun, Sagittarius rising, so when you work with me, we go deep into core patterns and healing, as well as breaking glass-ceilings so that you can live a life you've barely been dared to dream about! We do it gently and profoundly and with love, -the only way we can heal is through self-love.

I combine my background in health education, holistic wellness & meditation, with my intuition & psychic gifts, plus my experiences through losing my family, moving across continents, marriage, divorce and momhood, -which has all led me to find my own inner strength, land deep into trust in myself and in the Universe guidance, set healthy boundaries, call in the most amazing soul relationships, working with my life purpose and living a full sou-led life, -to guide you to embody your goddess, and king, within.


Inner Power Meditation Bundle


These are 13 of my most amazing guided meditations that you get lifetime access to online, and it's everything you need to release limiting patterns, live in mindfulness, balance your chakras, perform ritual practices, and manifest your dream life!
Gift option available.

Inspirational Hemp Products, Ritual supplies and prints

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OM holder ritual.jpg

You can now shop my sewn home decor line, crystal sets and ritual supplies here!

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YouTube channel

Here I post free readings, and you can also find a free grounding meditation here, as well as a few songs for your enjoyment!

“I have never felt better in my entire life, that is the truth. It’s not the high and endorphins all the time, it’s like this peace in my life. It’s the lack of drama, it’s the lack of chaos, which is so nice, -because for so much of my life I created that chaos, so that I wouldn’t have to do this work... Now I have the tools to do it.”



Download my

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Magic & Mystery Collection Goddess Symbol_GOLD_Pixejoo.png

I am so very pleased and profoundly moved by my session with Kristina today. I feel as though I have discovered a connectedness that I had all along, but really didn’t fully comprehend or appreciate. Kristina is clearly gifted, and her authenticity, transparency, and true joy were easily shining through in her session with me. It’s that warmth about her, the way she uses her gifts, that truly paves the way, the path that’s only for you because it comes from you, that shows where you must go forward. Thank you so very much, Kristina, you have changed my life.

- Susan

Magic & Mystery Collection Goddess Symbol_GOLD_Pixejoo.png

I feel like a new me, but the real me. The one who was always there but was lost in all the chaos around him. You pulled me out of that maze, with so much care, with so much grace and patience and so much love. I have started trusting myself on another level. And it’s really powerful and liberating for me. Whatever I am now, I am because of your teachings and because of your guidance. I am forever in debt. I've never had a mentor like you and I am really very grateful that you came into my life. I personally never encountered a person so powerful yet so gentle, caring, soft and so pure. Thank you for everything.

- Nikhil

Magic & Mystery Collection Goddess Symbol_GOLD_Pixejoo.png

Since I met Kristina last year and went through Soul Blossom, I have completely changed the way I relate to myself, especially in relation to other people. I used to take care of everybody BUT myself, now I am taking care of myself FIRST. I've gone from playing small to talking about how amazing I am. Working with boundaries and trust through energy management has had a tremendous effect on things I've been struggling with for years! Kristina has helped me acknowledge and lift the strong intuition I already had and opened up a whole new world.

- Jenny

Magic & Mystery Collection Goddess Symbol_GOLD_Pixejoo.png

Soul Blossom allowed me to identify what my manifestation blocks were and I was lovingly cared for while working through those blocks. And then to focus on the energy of manifestation, and mastering that.
The people that Kristina attracts are amazing, good, loving, and kind people. So the container felt very safe. Safe enough for me to be vulnerable and vulnerability is not necessarily my strongest suit, so her container and the people that she attracts, and the energy that she brings, allowed me to just be freely vulnerable. And in being vulnerable, I saw the most profound transformation in my life.

- Cynthia

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