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This is me - Consciousness Shift

This is a manual and experience of what it actually means to change your life and reality. When I started this biz, and divorced in 2020, I set out to create the life of my dreams.

And Source took me on a very different path to get there. A very uncomfortable one to say the least, into wisdom I didn’t know I needed, but that is invaluable. This is that journey, with aspects I haven’t before shared with many.

Since the divorce I’ve gone through a very challenging financial situation, -a stress that has been with me almost daily for 2.5 years. The last year it’s slowly improved but not yet to what I want and not always to what I need. 

However, if it wasn’t for the prolonged challenge and me turning myself inside out to try to solve and understand it, I would’ve never gained all of the blessings and personal transformation and consciousness shift it has meant for me.

I have gained:


The ability to center, ground and focus my mind and energy on my goals and on the present moment, despite outside reality, outside distractions, and inner distractions. This require a slower pace of life, patience and trust in divine timing.

Emotional regulation

It took a while, but when I learned to not let my mind take over, I also learned to be with my feelings. And in doing so, they move through me much faster than if resisting them. And because of that they also are more balanced.

Being Human through Astrology

By daily following astrology transits I have learned to be aware of my inner energy ups and downs, plus life lessons, which is a very helpful tool for self love.

Soul Community

By setting boundaries and non-negotiable I have met and created an entirely new community of friends, collaborations and acquaintances in Reno where I moved to in 2021, where every person I have in my life now is an authentic and deep connection without any filters or drama. Heart to heart, soul to soul.

In addition to my best friend in Sweden from before, that I chat daily with and that is always incredibly energy raising, I gained another incredibly soul meeting with my friend in Florida, whom I talk with daily. Non of us has ever met anyone else who we’ve singlehandedly grown so much together with in such short time. Communicating through vulnerable open hearts has been the key for our relationship and for our own personal completely life changing growth. Beyond comprehensible soul contract.

Not taking things personally & being unapologetically me

Through some intense situations I have gotten to a point of not taking things personally, even when the mind or reality can interpret it very much so. It is true sovereignty of taking responsibility for my own reactions and reality.

Also as a consequence of this, I’ve gradually learned to not care about what people think or interpret me or my life and choices. No people pleasing, no filtering or playing small.

Intuition and Trust

It’s a way of life. It’s not when I do cards, it’s seeing and understanding messages and synchronicities multiple times daily. Even though I do often pull a card for myself (because my human a* and mind wants validation), it’s rarely anything new. It’s confirmation of my direction. I simply always act on my intuition. I live an intuitive life. And I’ve re-programmed exactly because of challenges of the opposite, to TRUST.

Conditioning -Ancestral and Cultural Healing

There is SO MUCH that we carry subconsciously about beliefs about ourself, our abilities, our worth and how this life works. It’s deep work to unravel it and bring it to the conscious and then actually alchemize it, so that the pattern doesn’t have to come back around. Understanding something/conditioning/trauma in your mind is incredibly different than healing it where it’s been held in your body and subconscious. As all my mentorship clients know, it’s only when going to the core that we change whole life patterns. Regular therapy way to rarely get to this point.

So I’ve moved through personal, generational and societal limitations of staying in line, playing small, sacrificing one well-being/dream for another, scarcity, abandonment wound and emotional unavailability.

Feminine-Masculine Balance

I’ve been a doer most of my life. And when the yin inside doesn’t feel safe to BE and receive, she doesn’t fully rest and replenish fully, and you push and force outcome, -and burn out. On the other hand the yang never feels like he is doing enough. So in healing both these aspects inside for the last year since I was way too close to burnout, I’ve learned to honor both my feminine and masculine, to become WHOLE in the way I replenish and the way I take aligned action. Despite outside circumstances of life. This has also a direct affect on the people I meet and relationships I have. It’s the reason I teach this in my new course. It’s a crucial understanding of yourself.

Understanding myself and my destiny through Gene Keys

No other tool has brought me more detailed insight and understanding of myself, how I am, and act, my challenges, my wisdom, my purpose, my fulfillment and abundance, and the paths to get there, than Gene Keys. I know it’s the same for my Gene Key Mentorship and Membership clients. It’s also why I give you an overlook of essential parts in your chart, for free, with my new Ignite Your Magic Course.

Energy and creating my reality

I never thought I’d become so untuned with understanding energy, how I so easy channel where and why an energy is blocked within someone else, or myself. Your reality is a direct reflection of the energy you are. Thus we all powerfully create our reality, both what we label good and bad. I’ve developed this kind of attunement and understanding astutely within myself and channeling others, so through that I feel the shift before it becomes apparent in tangible reality.


Happiness and fulfillment is an inside experience. Period. I know well how to be and make myself happy regardless of any circumstance, just by BEING. Yes, money does have an impact, -I very well know how it feels to feel completely wing clipped without it, but that’s also the exact reason I’ve learned that it’s not the money or relationship that is necessary for creating a happy and fulfilled life. Play and fun has been something I’ve had to balance, to reach a balance with my daughter and with my work, -with LIFE


I’ve had to address, through scrutinizing honesty, where I procrastinate or not prioritize my own well-being in all aspects; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. And I have put in place a DAILY routine for all of this. Lately an exercise routine that I haven’t had in over a decade. The others I reach through meditation and rituals, and in thought, word and deed awareness daily. The self-sabotaging routines are being shifted to self-enhancing routines from every angle. "The way you do one thing, is the way you do everything."


If you have read this far, I thank you. Because I have written this as much for myself as for you. It’s a manual for you if you do want to change your life at the core, and it’s a reflection for myself in how far I’ve come, while still being “in the middle of it”. The core change of yourself and your life is not a quick fix, although quantum leaps, miracles and mind-blowing synchronicities happen along the way.

It’s easy to live for the future and the dreams that are not here yet. But I’ve learned that life is NOW, regardless of any circumstances. To let it be my best life now AND stretching to live my full potential and my dreams. The courageous decision to live your dreams will ALWAYS get you there, but likely on roads you couldn't foresee. But your dreams are ALWAYS the correct compass needle.

I’ve gone from an empowerment coach to a consciousness teacher.

Healing, empowerment and manifestation is a consequence of level of consciousness.

The other day I found a quote that said: “We don’t heal through healing, we heal by becoming more enlightened. Breakthroughs occur at a new understanding and level of consciousness.” Which is completely true.

So just like when I lost my family 17 years ago, the wisdom I’ve gotten through going through this challenge, is not what I’d consciously choose whatsoever, but the wisdom gained is a million times beyond I could even imagine. 


If you are ready for the consciousness shift that changes your life and your inner and outer reality, join me in Ignite Your Magic. We start next week.

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