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The 6 week group program to get to the core of your limiting patterns,
and heal them, -so that you can shine in your full creative soul potential! 

We start February 1st!


Self-awareness is the key to both healing and manifestation. When you uncover the core relationship you have with yourself and the ancestral patterns you carry, often reflected in your close relationships as unbalanced giving/receiving, or scarcity, you get clarity in where you are limiting yourself due to outdated patterns.

Energy Management

When you listen to the wisdom that your body and intuition holds, you can learn to decipher where you are leaking energy, and where you need to strengthen your energy. This helps you set proper boundaries and to step more wholly into your authentic and unique power.
It helps you focus your energy for success.

Radiantly You

Healing your limiting core patterns and cleaning up our energy focus, gives you clarity of your soul journey. It opens up the portal to your passions and unique gifts, and ignites the magic that you create your most fulfilling and abundant life with. It gives your the freedom to be your most brilliant self, to shine in your purpose and to magnetize your dreams! 


Ancestral healing opens the portal to your full potential and gifts.

Heal & Glow

will take you though the transformative journey of healing with different tools such as chakra healing, inner child healing, ancestral healing and cord cutting.

Heal & Glow

will help you become more aligned with your inner wisdom, and aware of your patterns and energy, through both teachings and


Heal & Glow

will leave you more in-tuned with your desires and soul purpose through Akashic record journeys and manifestation practices. It will teach you the energy of becoming your next-level self.

"Working with Kristina will change your life.  Period. 

I have never had so much growth in such a short period of time:   Learning to live from my heart instead of my head;  Understanding and changing old, in-grained, subconscious, familial patterns and choosing a new way, a new path to live my life; Being grounded in reality, yet feeling a massive expansiveness to start dreaming big and reaching my goals.  And not just having goals but truly believing and seeing the growth within me so that I am enjoying the process along the way. 

Her kindness, love, support and dedication are unmatched with anyone else I have worked with, and it provided a solid and safe foundation for me to walk my path and do my work. 

I cannot recommend anyone more highly if you want to change your life!"  -John

"Kristina has become an Angel in my life, bringing it all back home for me. Her deep work with me caused me to instantly remember all I had forgotten. To remember the realms, my full worth and my part in the entire wholeness of it all. I had endured years of suffering from not owning my personal boundaries physically as well as ethereal.  Kristina went the speed I was ready for and I’ll always keep a place of gratitude inside my heart for what she has helped me overcome." -Amanda

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